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Entrepreneur- Big Word With a Simple Definition

By Kristine Dickson, The Entrepreneurship Alliance @ UNO

A student on campus recently commented that he thought a lot of students are intimidated by the word, “Entrepreneur.”  I guess the word does seem to suggest something somewhat inflated, probably from how the word or to whom the word has been applied to in the  past, mostly super-wealthy Donald Trump-like guys, who we wouldn’t trust as far as we could throw them.

However, in reality, you know a lot of entrepreneurs.

The guy who owns your favorite po-boy shop…he’s an entrepreneur.   The lady who paints faces at Jackson Square in the French Quarter, yep, she’s an entrepreneur, too.  And believe it or not, the little kid who sells lemonade down the street from your house is embracing entrepreneurship, too.

Entrepreneurship is recognizing a void or gap in something, seeing something that needs to be changed, or deciding something can be better. And, then, here’s the Entrepreneurial part… you ACT and DO something about it.

Check out this article written about a year ago that sums up Entrepreneurship very simply. If you have ever landed a job and are successfully progressing in school, you probably already possess the needed skillset deemed important in an emerging entrepreneur. Nolan Bushnell, who founded Atari (which, if you’ve seen the movie, “Jobs,” I don’t need to explain what that is) and Chuck E. Cheese’s, believes the key to becoming an entrepreneur is as simple as doing something.  Read on to find out what else he had to say that simplifies what Entrepreneurship really is.


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